Samuel James “Jim” McLoughlin was born on Wednesday the 21st of February 1931 in Northern Ireland. Thirty two years and Nine months later Jim would go on to form a company that has out lasted and out performed almost all of his peers, Scotia UK.

When Jim moved to Glasgow and sought to create his own company he did so very much in his own image, solid, reliable and built to go the distance. An accountant by trade Jim very much had an eye for detail, a valuable personality trait that served him and the company well his entire working life. Fastidious, diligent and extremely hardworking Jim imbued all of these qualities into every facet of the company and it’s staff.

Far from being the stereotypical dour accountant Jim had a particularly mischievous sense of humour with an encyclopaedic library of jokes and stories at his disposal, all delivered with his trademark dry wit and chuckle. Never one to setlle for a single challenge (as if running a successful company was not enough) for years Jim had a whole second life as a Special Constable in Edinburgh resulting in a myriad of colourful anecdotes. With a fascination for technology and gadgets Jim was never afraid to try something new whether it be the latest in smart phones and tablets to hangliding in his seventies!

A large part of Jim’s success was that he never saw work as something to be endured or escaped from but rather something to be embraced, it was part of life, an important part of life and he poured his heart and his soul into it from the first to the last. That is what made and continues through the next generation to make Scotia UK special, that level of commitment and dedication.

Instilled with a vital work ethic and more energy that men a quarter of his age Jim McLoughlin never retired, never wanted to, he worked full time, five days a week until the very day before he passed away. He is very much missed.