Since 2014 Gordon McLoughlin has been the CEO of Scotia UK plc. Having literally grown up with the Scotia brand (since 1979) and its commitment to excellence he is very well placed to steer the company in the future. Gordon brings a wealth of assured knowledge and experience to the role and has made a massive contribution to the Scotia Legacy already by conceiving and developing the smots™ system (Scotia Medical and Observation Training System), which is now sold and exported across the globe. A keen interest in technology and the latest innovations ensure that Gordon constantly moves Scotia forward in a positive direction to meet any and all challenges that the future may present.

Andrew joined Scotia in 2004 bring a vast wealth of experience, expertise and technical knowledge with him. Andrew has tremendous enthusiasm for all things technical, in particular video and has specialised in our smots(tm) healthcare video systems being largely responsible for our continued success in overseas markets. Andrew's commitment to detail and excellence has contributed enormously to continuing the enviable legacy of Scotia UK in the marketplace today.

Stuart joined Scotia in 1986 and has developed a vast and indepth knowledge from the ground up of every possible technical aspect of our systems. Stuart has travelled extensively overseas overseeing our smots(tm) installations across the globe, impressing clients around the world with his comprehensive knowledge and expertise. Stuart is invariably to found ”on site” somewhere interesting. His skills are legendary. He oversees our engineers.

Colin joined us in 2011 and looks after all financial aspects of the business. He is based in Edinburgh and brings a wide range of expertise to the running of this successful organisation.