Fixed Solution
smots fixed camera
Developed in order to allow recording and instant playback of medical simulations, the smots™ fixed camera solution is ideal for medical environments where an unobtrusive overview is required.

The high quality camera can be controlled remotely allowing for a full uninterrupted view of the events with 2 way audio for real-time interaction and communication. The instant playback means that lessons can be learned and progress made on the spot.
The smots™ range is now recognised as the industry standard for medical observation
The unobtrusive nature of the camera allows for a more natural less self conscious interaction helping to create a more immersive role play scenario. The latest simulation technology has already demonstrated its value in medical education and clinical research and is now recognised as a valuable tool for training medical professionals and ensuring the highest levels of patient safety. It is here in this area of simulation technology that smots™ has proved to be such a vital complementary system. Scotia has associations with Laerdal, Gaumard, CAE and most simulation related manufacturers. smots™ is now being used in many operating theatres too for training and recording procedures.
Experience in the medical field has shown that simulation is well accepted by trainees, performance on simulators improves with training and practice, and simulation prior to first performing procedures can improve clinical performance and refine skills without putting actual patients at risk.

smots™ addresses a vital requirement in this modern healthcare advancement to display and record in real time teaching, training and high dependency scenarios using the latest observation technology solutions available.

The smots™ camera solution fits neatly to most ceilings, often using our semi permanent grid mounts which can allow for repositioning when required.
smots camera
smots smots smots
The camera can be controlled remotely together with 2 way audio
for real-time interaction and communication
smots smots
smots™ is an essential teaching requirement to
record and display effortlessly in real time